Before I set about to deconstruct one of the most sacred icons known to modern man, let me make one thing clear: I truly, dearly, un-categorically heart the Beatles. To me, no band in the history of civilization comes close. If I had to pick one album to listen to on my desert island, it […]

Last year, fellow designer Eva Walter and I were asked to design a new mural for Old Mill School in Mill Valley. We thought long and hard about the project, and ended up recommending this life-size optical experiment. We like the way the bold, clean icons stand out from the busy playground. But the interactive-ness […]

And the award for Most Creative Wedding Invitation That Comes With its Own Sound System goes to … Designer Kelli Anderson wanted to create something magical for the wedding of friends Karen Sandler and Mike Tarantino. Folded just so, the card turns into a manually operated paper record player that plays a song recorded by the […]

Origami birds are so last year. Taras Lesko was commissioned by Audi to make a detailed model of the 2012 Audi A7 using only paper. Each of the 750 parts was printed and assembled using reference photography and blueprints. 245 hours, and 285 sheets of paper later he was finished.