Part three of this four-part series Kirby Fergusion explores how innovations truly happen. Spoiler alert: Creativity isn’t magic. 

The plot could be summed up in about 10 words, but the execution is flawless. The entire piece was shot on a Nokia mobile phone, but it would be right at home projected on the world’s largest cinema screen. 

Every so often a technique emerges out of some dark office in a CGI house that is truly amazing. This piece from Samsung is just that. Skip forward to the 35 second mark to get to the good stuff.

From Berlin’s Onformative lab comes this amazing video installation. The classic LED screen is simulated and then disintegrated. I expect Hollywood to gobble this idea up for the title sequence in the next Bond flick. At the very least, it would make the world’s coolest screensaver.

I’m always amazed when one plus one equals something more than two. In this case, sensual imagery of a jellyfish is combined with a romantic soundtrack. The result: a hauntingly beautiful micro-film that could easily become a title sequence for a French art film. Helmed and edited by Tom Corwin, musician/producer/author/dog lover living in northern […]

Philip Bloom is a timelapse fanatic—which is a good thing for those of us who like viewing that sort of thing. The piece below was created by shooting out of his hotel room windows over the course of one year. If you want to see more, his ode to Monument Valley is amazing as well. […]

In what should be classified as camera suicide, cinematographer Steven Bove subjected his Canon 5D MK II to a wicked dust storm at Burning Man 2010. But his risk is our reward. It’s amazing that today’s SLRs can compete and sometimes trump professional gear costing hundreds of thousands of dollars more. As Stephen says, “Compared […]