Ellen’s time machine

When I was approached to work on a rebranding project for jcpenney, I have to admit I was hesitant. But when I heard that Ron Johnson was the new sherrif in town, I was absolutely giddy. If anyone qualifies as Retail God, it’s Ron. (If you’re not familiar with Ron, he was the brains behind the Apple Stores and before that helped Target become what it is today.)

So for the past several months, I’ve been hard at work on a tv campaign that aired on the 2012 Oscars. We produced five spots in all, peppered throughout the program. Kudos to ace director Bryan Buckley, the great folks at JCP, a production company called Driver and, of course, Ellen.


You can see all five spots here. And, to get a sense of the good time we had, take a look at the outtakes posted on Ellen’s site.